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De-Icing Services in Calgary


Ice Management is Important

We not only remove snow, but also offer ice management which is the way to assure our clients’ safe places of business.. When temperatures drop to zero degrees or lower, water on the ground freezes, producing dangerously slippery conditions that are difficult to navigate.

Black ice is the most foreboding and possibly hazardous situation that can occur throughout the winter season. Having a knowledgeable ice control and Calgary snow removal contractor is where Diversified Snow Services shines with our many years of experience.

Ice Safety Concerns 

Customers, business owners, and staff are not necessarily aware of the presence of black ice. This presents significant slippage danger and, in the worst-case scenario, can result in serious injury to the individual. However, we have a solution, and our Ice Management methods can remove the area of ice and snow rapidly. The procedure is straightforward: use salt or calcium chloride. This effectively melts the ice into water and lowers the freezing points of the water, converting solid to liquid.

This keeps the ice melting and reduces the likelihood of any possible hazards. It is critical to use salt outside of your business, and we can assist you with this; after removing snow and apply deicing chemicals to your property, making it safe for everyone.

The Right Approach

Applying Deicing Chemicals

We will evaluate which product is best for the particular application based on ground and air temperatures. Then, we dispatch highly qualified personnel to our commercial snow locations, where they apply the proper quantity of ice management control products and maintain records of the results. The amounts and times of application are for everyone’s benefit.

Depending on the size and requirements of the surfaces to be treated, ice control materials are applied by hand, pushed hopper, or truck. Our knowledgeable staff will evaluate the best ways to provide high-quality services for your commercial, retail, industrial, or civil buildings.

Contracts include Ice Management

We believe in transparency in all aspects of snow removal and ice control management. Our snow contracts include specifics on which chemicals will be applied when and how much each will cost, whether by trip or by weight of the materials to be deployed. If you want an all-inclusive contract for these materials, we can supply that, or if you only want to pay per application, we can also customize the snow removal contracts that way. Each contract is tailored to the specific ice management control requirements.

Contact us today, and we will custom-build a contract including ice management techniques and pricing for your commercial all snow removal and ice management needs.


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