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Commercial Snow Removal

Safety, Efficiency, Prompt Service, are some of our many key focus areas dealing with our Commercial Snow Removal services. Industrial property, commercial lots, retail big box stores, gas stations, schools, churches all have different hours of operation, different job requirements. So we tailor our services to meet those individual service needs. Our experienced crews are dispatched daily to monitor the ever-changing winter conditions during snow events. It is to meet your jobs expected level of service for a safe environment for employees and customers alike. We take great pride in giving the best possible service to all our fabulous customers.

Snow Removed from Parking Lot
Small Vehicle Removing Snow

Commercial snow removal and commercial snow plowing are jobs best completed by professionals with the proper equipment and not company staff. Our crews have SIMA ( Snow and Ice Management Association) training and or certification. So you can rest assured your properties snow removal needs will be taken care of in the agreed-upon time and with the expected level of service. Severe storms can impact service times. And when this happens, you will work with all our customers to focus on the most critical areas first servicing everyone, then returning for the secondary cities. We also are fully insured and carry WCB; provided to any of our customers upon request.

Commercial Snowplowing success depends on many factors, having diverse and new equipment gives diversified snow services a significant advantage over our competition. Old stuff often can equal problematic equipment and breakdowns. Our wide variety of snow and ice control equipment is regularly updated and replaced. So we maintain our high level of service with minimal break downs to keep your property serviced promptly. Our efficient snow removal fleet allows Diversified Snow Services to be able to offer the most competitive snow removal, anti-icing and sanding truck pricing in the city.

Red Machine for Snow Removal
Yellow Snow Spreader Truck

Parking lot sanding or pickle mix is often required during our many freeze-thaw cycles during the winter. We do not subcontract sanding out as many snow removal companies do. When you deal with Diversified Snow Removal contractors, we take care of your sanding and ice control needs.

Snow removal trucking is also a service we provide to our customers. When your property can no longer accommodate future snowfalls, we can truck the snow away. We have our equipment to load dump trucks, so loading and trucking are completed at the lowest rates possible.

Pouring Snow in Truck

Diversified snow removal services also provide detailed snow service records to all of our commercial snow clients monthly. These details are used to customize snow contracts for future seasons. Did you pay for four plows per month and only use 2. Why pay for services that you never applied. Whether your a pay per hour, pay per plow customer, or your a monthly service client, our commercial snow removal customers are given the highest possible level of service indiscriminately. Let Diversified Commercial Snow Removal Services customize a snow contract for you today.


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