Keeping Your Business Safe from Snow Storms During the Winter

by | Last updated Nov 10, 2020 | Published on Nov 10, 2020 | Safety

Winter snowstorms are no joke here in Calgary. After all, we get an average of 128.8 cm of snow each year, with most of it falling between the months of October and April. If you’re a local business owner, there is a good chance you already know just how challenging the chilly season can be. After all, the city will plow many roads but not all, and they will also not clear sidewalks between the street and your business doors. Not only can this discourage your valuable customers, but it can also prevent you from being able to check on your store or office. With this in mind, will your business be okay in the next heavy snowfall?

Now that winter is upon us, it’s time for local business owners to start planning. Our Calgary commercial snow removal services are here for you. Here’s what all business owners in the Calgary area can do to keep their enterprise safe both before and after snowstorms.

Calgary’s City Snow and Ice Removal Bylaws

If you own your business property, did you know that the city of Calgary makes all property owners responsible for keeping public sidewalks bordering their property clear of snow and ice? That’s right! Having the sidewalks outside of your business covered from snowstorms isn’t just an inconvenience for you and your customers; it may actually land you a fine with the city. In fact, repeat offenders may even have to make a court appearance.

Even if you are not in Calgary at the time of a snowstorm, as the property owner, you are still responsible for ensuring the sidewalk’s snow removal. Fortunately, scheduling commercial snow removal services can save the day!

Weather-Proof Your Building

All commercial properties should have protective roofing free of leaks and windows that are adequately caulked or sealed against moisture and cold breezes. Heating, of course, is also a necessity. If you use any commercial vehicles, you should also make sure their batteries are charged, their windshield fluid is winterized, and their tires are durable with the right amount of tread. Any outdoor machinery should also be appropriately winterized.

All too many business owners only find out about issues after winter has already set in. We highly recommend taking the time now to make sure your store or other commercial business is ready for winter to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Snow plow removing snow from city road

Stock Up on Additional Inventory Now

It’s not uncommon for roads all across Canada to experience closures during winter. This can cause severe shipping delays and prevent you from stocking up on the inventory and supplies you need. While obtaining the help of good snow removal services during winter, we will help you access your business. It’s reasonable to believe that you may still experience shipping delays. So, when the weather starts getting chilly, it’s a good idea to anticipate future needs and stock up on extra supplies as needed ahead of time.

Be Ready with Winter Supplies

While taking extra inventory needs into account, it’s also a good idea to stock up winter-specific supplies. Keeping a shovel on hand is a good idea for any store owner to help keep paths clear in-between visits from a snow removal service. You may also want to stock up on bags of dirt and sand. As for the inside of your business, you’ll want to get some heavy-duty mats for people to wipe their feet off inside (the last thing you want is anyone slipping and falling on your property!)

Make Sure Your Insurance is Up to Date

As a business owner, you probably have commercial insurance or a property insurance policy (possibly both). But when was the last time you read through it and made sure everything was up to date? Winter can bring on many unexpected things, and, as a reliable snow removal service, an acceptable insurance policy can help see you through it. Don’t get caught off guard with outdated coverage!

Know Where to Get Reliable Weather Updates

We always stay on top of the weather here at Calgary commercial snow removal services, and we suggest that all business owners do as well. While you can always call 311 and listen to weather updates or check the local weather and news stations, you can also take a more proactive approach by signing up for weather updates from the city operations team (through You can also follow @yyctransport on Twitter for weather-related news.

Contact Us to Learn More!

Have questions? Are you interested in scheduling regular snow removal services for your business this winter? We invite you to reach out to our team in Calgary to learn more. Let’s join forces to make sure winter doesn’t slow your business down.


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