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by | Last updated Oct 24, 2020 | Published on Sep 25, 2019 | Commercial Snow Removal

While snow is nothing unusual during winters in Calgary, more significant snowstorms can be severe for local businesses to deal with. When the snow piles up, instead of closing down, get the snow services needed to remove the snow and keep the doors open. Customers will appreciate the snow removal and easy access to the store and the business won’t have to worry about a loss of profits just because it snowed. Many different removal services are available now for companies to take advantage of when the snow starts to pile up.

Clearing Out the Snow

The parking lot for the business is likely the first place that needs to be cleared out. Plowing services help clear the snow away, so customers have somewhere to park. Sanding services are available as well to help prevent snow and ice in parking lots.

Once it cleared the parking lot, take advantage of walkway shovelling and sweeping. It frees the walkways to the store, allowing customers to safely walk so they won’t be injured and can get to the business without hassle. Let the professionals handle this work to create a pathway to the store that’s free from any snow.

Deicing Services

If the walkways or any other areas around the business are covered in ice, deicing services may be needed. Ice can be incredibly slippery, which could lead injuring the customers, trying to visit the store. It could also cause other issues that the company could be liable for. Instead, take advantage of deicing services to make sure the removal of all of the ice.

Man Operating Snow Blower to Remove Snow

Snow Hauling

Small amounts of snow can be easily pushed to the side, allowing for a clean parking lot, road, or walkway. When there’s snow piling up after a storm, there may be too much to push to the side. In these cases, snow hauling services may be needed. Large trucks can handle the vast amounts of snow on the ground, taking it all away so it won’t just be piled high next to the parking lot or walkway. It provides more unobstructed views for those who are walking or driving in the area and gets rid of all the snow before it starts to melt in place.

Site Safety Checks

Businesses can be held liable for issues vendors, customers, and others experience on the business’s property. However, site safety checks can prevent this from happening and make sure everyone on the property can be safe. Business owners should take advantage of the site safety checks to ensure there are no issues like ice on the roadways or walkways around the business, make sure the cold weather hasn’t caused any other problems, and make sure there is nothing that needs to be repaired to prevent injuries or other damages.

Two Ways to Get Help

Right now, there are two ways to get help. As the season is just beginning, business owners may want to enter into a seasonal contract for snow removal services. It allows them to ensure the snow will be quickly removed whenever it falls, keeping the property in great shape throughout winter. Those who do not want to enter a contract can call each time they need assistance. Business owners who may do some of the less complicated work on their own to save money may prefer this as they can still get help when the snow is too much to handle.

Clearing snow from the road

Ask About Experience and References

Business owners will want to choose a company with experience working on commercial properties. They may also want to ask for references they can check. It allows them to check on things like the turnaround time or the quality of services. One thing business owners should make sure they check on is how properties look when the snow removal company is done working on them. The way the property looks after the snow removal can reflect on the business, and significant issues can turn away customers.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to plan for issues that could disrupt your business, such as snowfall. Snow removal done by professional companies can offer the help you need throughout the winter months. You don’t have to worry about closing the business for a few days if there is a large amount of snowfall. If you need help with snow plowing, shovelling, deicing, and more, contact us for an estimate now. Diversified Snow Removal in Calgary offers the snow removal services you need to keep your business open and ready for customers.

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