Dealing with Calgary Snow and Ice Control

by | Last updated Nov 10, 2020 | Published on Oct 28, 2019 | Safety

Throughout the winter, snow is a considerable transportation concern. Snow and ice can lead to severe accidents on the major roadways throughout Calgary. The city offers snow and ice control to prevent accidents and protect those who reside or travel in town. For residents of Calgary, understanding the snow and ice control use is essential.

What is Snow and Ice Control?

Snow and ice control is the winter maintenance done on Calgary roads to minimize ice on the streets and to plow them to remove the snow. During the winter, the city offers these services, starting with plowing the major roads after a snowfall, to minimize interruption to transportation. The city uses a seven-day snow plan to clear the properties and to make the streets safer.

Where the City Clears the Snow

If ice covers the walkways or any other areas around the business, deicing services may be needed. Ice can be incredibly slippery, which could lead to injuring the customers, trying to visit the store. It could also cause other issues that the company could be held liable. Instead, take advantage of deicing services to make sure the removal of all of the ice.

Snow and Ice Control

The Seven-Day Snow Plan

The city employs a seven-day snow plan once the snow has stopped falling. It includes the following.

Day 1 – Doing plowing and snow removal on priority 1 routes, for high-traffic businesses, certain sidewalks, and other properties that have a high volume of foot traffic.

Day 2 – Plowing and snow removal is done on priority 2 routes and includes roads with 5,000 to 19,999 vehicles per day along with emergency routes, bus routes, and known trouble spots.

Day 3 – Plowing and snow removal occur for on/off ramps, wheelchair curb ramps, designated collector routes, and playgrounds.

Day 4 – 7 – During the remaining days, the snow and ice control crew works in residential areas to pack down soft snow, sand-salt driving lanes, and clear bus pads.

Small Vehicle Removing Snow

Materials Used to Clear the Snow

Different materials are used based on the road surface temperatures and whether the temperatures are expected to rise. If the road surfaces are below -5C and temperatures are expected to fall, the city uses a salt-sand mixture to melt the snow and improve vehicle traction. Use salt for temperatures between 0C and -10C that are not likely to change. Use sand for the roads during freezing temperatures. The city is also experimenting with a beet brine in certain areas to see how effective it is.

The city of Calgary provides snow and ice control for residents to ensure safe transportation is possible quickly once the snow has stopped falling. However, the assistance available to residents for their own homes and on residential streets is limited. Instead, homeowners who need help with their property should contact specialists to have their driveways and walkways cleared once the snow has stopped.


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